Ten Cities Every Woman Should Visit in Their Lifetime

Most people love to travel and experience the world! Humans are naturally curious and want to see what lies past the borders of their cities and countries. If you’re looking for the best places to visit, we have a list of the most magical places every woman should visit in their lifetime.

1.Paris, France

From romance to art, to museums, to monuments, Paris has it all. It’s hard not to get lost in the streets or cafes or street markets that make up Paris. If you plan to visit Europe, make Paris your first city to visit and you won’t regret it. Don’t forget a stop at the Eiffel tower and a The Louvre as a visit to Paris will be incomplete without stopping at these iconic places.


2.Lisbon, Portugal

Fall in love with the cute yellow and red trams that connect the city of Lisbon and take a ride on one of them. Lisbon is a magical city that most people have on their bucket list destinations. From museums to monument to the Palace at Sintra, there is so much to do in Lisbon that you will need more than just a few days to explore this beautiful city.


3.Madrid, Spain

Spain is always a good place to visit and Madrid is exceptionally great. When you first arrive in Madrid, you’ll be surprised at how big and yet small it is. Take a walking tour of the city, or take on of those buses that take you around town. Spend your evenings walking around the city and stop in one or two restaurants for authentic Spanish meals.


4.New York City, NY

If you’ve never visited NYC, then you haven’t visited the USA! Just like Los Angeles, California, NYC is the heart of USA. Very much like London, Paris, and Rome are the hearts of Europe, NYC is one place you need to check off your list if you’re looking for amazing places to visit as a traveler. Don’t forget to watch a broadway show or visit Madison Square Garden when you do visit this city also known as the “Big Apple”


5.Reykjavik Iceland

Want to visit another planet without leaving earth? Then Reykjavik should absolutely be on your list of places to visit. A trip to Iceland is like visiting another planet since Iceland is made of volcanic soil. If you do visit though, there is so much to do and so many things to see but start with adding a trip to magical black sand beaches as your top things to do on your trip!


6.London, UK

We have London on the list as it’s a rite of passage for anyone that travels. Yes, there are more remote places to visit but London is about one of the most charming places you’d ever visit in your life. So, add London on your list and go see Big Ben and London Bridge. Or better still, go visit one of the many dozen London weekend markets and get some street food and a few art souvenirs.


7.Rome, Italy

We can’t have Paris, London, and NYC on this list without adding Rome. It’s pretty much the 4th of the 4 super cities you need to check off your list before traveling to most other places. When you visit Rome, be sure to check off the Colosseum and while you’re there, hop over to Vatican City and visit one of the smallest countries in the world.


8.Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is a very friendly city with lots of things to do. If you plan to visit Taipei, make out time to visit the many temples, palaces, and museum surrounding the city. Also visit one of the local markets and get some street food if you think you can handle it. Taipei is a great start for people wanting to discover Asian vacations.


9.Nairobi, Kenya

There are so many countries in Africa we could recommend but we’re going to start with Nairobi, Kenya. A visit to Kenya is on most people’s bucket list so they can experience safaris and other things that make Kenya a great country. While you’re planning this Safari visit, also plan to spend a few days in the Kenyan capital to see how most modern Kenya live outside of the touristy and popular safaris.


10.Sydney, Australia

For most people, Australia is a distance away but is still on their list of places to visit. If you plan to go to Australia, Sydney is the one place you need to have on your list. Brisbane and Melbourne are certainly great but we think Sydney is the classic Australian city to visit. Don’t forget to enjoy Bondi beach while you’re in Sydney, and of course the very famous Sydney Opera house.