Must-Have Wardrobe Essential for Every Woman

We are all guilty of overbuying clothes and under-wearing them. This means that most of buy more than we need and yet can’t find what to wear when we need to go somewhere important. So how do we solve that problem? We think that if you have a few things in your wardrobe that you can always get to, you’ll solve the problem of trying to figure out what to wear when it’s time to go out. Here are 12 things we think every woman should have in her wardrobe

1.Comfy PJ

Yes, we think you should have pajamas that’s so comfortable you could work in them. These are great to travel with or wear when you have a girls’ sleep over. And they are also comfortable when you just want to lie around at home and do nothing.


2.High-heeled Black Stilettoes

Every woman feels majestic in pair of high-heeled stilettos, and for the most part, these compliment your wardrobe. Once you’re dressed and the occasion calls for it, slip on your high-heeled shoe and you’re set. Make sure the shoe is comfortable enough for prolonged wearing.


3.Black Short Dress

While this might not be the dress you want to wear to the office party, it could be a dress you always count on when your friends what to hit town or you have a party to go to. A good black dress will be multifunctional and will certainly be worth its cost.


4.Black Long Dress

Sometimes you have to wear something longer or more formal because the occasion demands it. A simple and sleek long black dress should be a staple in your wardrobe. Make sure you find a dress that fits and flatters your curves to your comfort level.


5.Black Purse

You probably already have one bag you carry to everywhere but when you do have to dress up sometimes, you need something fancier than your every day bag. This bag should be basic enough to fit with anything you wear, but fancy enough it makes you feel good.


6.Flattering Belt

A simple belt that can be worn with pants, or with jeans or even over your dress or shirt is always a good to have in your closet. If you can, have more than just one color of belts so you can add diversity to your outfits.


7.Indulgent Shoe

This is a shoe that you love but can’t wear to most places. When you’re feeling special or need to impress that special someone, this will be your go-to-shoe. Make sure the shoe is comfortable since it’s something you should plan to wear often enough.


8.Flattering Lipstick or Lip gloss

This might not be a wardrobe accessory but it is a wardrobe essential. If you wear makeup, a flattering lipstick is something you certainly should own. And perhaps a lip gloss. With the right lip color, everything else you wear will be perfect.


9.Flattering Jeans

Everyone has a few pairs of jeans but always make sure you have one that makes your look great inside and out. This jean will be your go-to outfit for pretty much everything. So, find one that make your body look great and rock it.



Have a couple of scarfs just because they are multifunctional as shawls, headwraps, scarfs, sweaters, and everything between. Aim to have a mix of different textures and colors as this will essentially brighten up your wardrobe.



A perfect pair of sunglasses is almost always hard to find which is why you need to find one and make it your wardrobe essential as it will come in handy very often for summer days, summer vacations, or just when you want to look different.

12.Black Pants

Sometimes you just need something practical to wear to work or outing and a perfect pair of black pants that fit well is exactly what you need. Try a few pants and make sure you find a black pants that flatters you very well.