How to Look Younger Without Trying Too Hard

We all want to look younger as we get older, both physical and mentally. Here are the top 10 tips that will help you look instantly younger without doing too much.


1.Upgrade your makeup

Don’t be stuck making up heavily like you’re still living in the 70s and 80s as that can date you. Most modern makeups are lighter with less chemicals, and look more natural and this tends to put less stress on your face as well as make you younger.


2.Update your hairstyle

We all know that your hairstyle can date you without you even trying. If you’re still rocking a hairstyle that was popular way back then, you might want to consider something different. Any change in hairstyle will instantly make you look younger.


3.Drink Water

We can’t say this often enough but when you drink water, your body hydrates, your skin is more supple and flexible, and your wrinkles are less evident. Drink about 8 full glasses (8oz) cup of water daily to keep your skin flushed and looking younger.

4.Sleep. Sleep.

Sleep is the magic you need to look younger. The more you sleep, the younger you’ll look. Most adults don’t get their recommended 8 hours of sleep daily and this leads to tiredness which shows up as wrinkles on the face. Sleeping will make you look younger, instantly.


What you put inside your body will reflect on the outside so if you eat junk, your body will look like it. Watch what you eat and stay away from trans oil and saturated fats. Choose whole grains, fruits, nuts, and proteins to keep you looking younger.


When you exercise, your body flushes away toxins which can block your pores, make you look tired which leads to you looking older. Try to get at least 30 mins of exercise per day to sweat out toxins that cause premature ageing. Exercise also cause better blood flow to your body which can also make you look younger.

7.Yearly Doctor Visit

We all know what we’re supposed to see our doctor at least once per year to make sure we’re all healthy yet some of us skip this crucial step. A yearly visit to the doctor will help you keep in shape and prevent any diseases or illness than can cause you to prematurely age.

8.Take Vacations

Take vacation or time off from work once in a while. We live in culture where the mantra is to work, work, work with no breaks. Not taking a break from work is the easiest way to get older fast. Take a few days every few weeks to relax and rejuvenate yourself so you can age better.

9.Mental Health

Your mental health has so much to do with how you age. If you want to prevent premature aging then you should make sure you are mentally in a good place. You can achieve this by taking time off or practicing yoga, Pilates, mindfulness and other relaxing techniques.


10.Wear the right clothes

No doubt that wearing the wrong clothes can make you look older, faster. You don’t want to be stuck in fashion time warp when everyone has moved ahead! Make sure you wear clothes that are appropriately styled for your age and for this time period and you will certainly look instantly younger.