FIve Cool Ways to Keep Romance Alive

 Life is a constant hustle and bustle and sometimes, in the midst of running around, romance gets lost. We start out pledging to love and to honor, for better for worse, and then somehow, somewhere, romance fizzles out. And as romance fizzles out, other things being to die off as well. We soon realize that we’re fighting more with the one person who should be our soulmate, or we’re so busy we don’t care what they do or don’t do, or even worse, we start thinking that things are not working and we might be better off on our own. But what if we could keep romance alive? Keep that magic between us and our partners hot and sizzling? What if we could find a way to make sure that we do our best so the person we fell in love with remains in love with us. It might not take work to fall in love but it does take work, and some creativity to keep love and romance alive.


Here our top 5 ways to keep romance alive:


1.Listen to your partner

The first rule of keeping romance alive seems understated but it’s really important so we’ll say it again – listen and hear your partner. Understand them as well. Most of us listen and regurgitate information but we are not really hearing or understanding our partners. Without patiently trying to understand your partner or put yourself in their perspective, you’ll fail to keep that spark that brought you together in the first place kindled. This leads to more disagreements and then of course, romance fails. If you listen hard and listen well, you stand a good change of keeping the romance alive in your relationship and reaping the joy and peace that come with a healthy relationship.


2.Be Appreciative

It’s tough to appreciate someone when you’re already used to the stuff they do that make your life easy. It’s easier to take those things for granted either because they’ve always been done, or because you don’t really see how much sacrifice your partner make to do those things. It might be as simple as making dinner for both you, laundry, picking up grocery, buying stuff you need around the house, taking your car for oil change, and numerous other mundane tasks. You might not see these as sacrifices but stop to think if your partner would have been stuck doing those things if they weren’t with you or you weren’t there. If the answer is no, then a thank you is in order, anytime that activity is performed. We’re not saying to go about thanking your partner for everything they do, we think you should of course, but we understand that it might be a little weird, so we suggest that you at least try to thank them often enough so they know that you’re not taking them for granted.


3.Shower Them with Little Gifts

We don’t mean going out to buy expensive things! Not that we’d stop you if you want to but we can guarantee you that true romance doesn’t care about how expensive what you purchased is, instead, it cares about the fact that you were thinking about them at that point in time. The gift could be as simple as his or her favorite coffee, a bouquet of roses, a tie, something they’ve been meaning to buy but keep forgetting. The idea is not to be materialistic and shower your partner with expensive gifts – unless you want to. We’re saying to keep them close to your thoughts at all times and when you have a chance to get a good thoughtful gift, do so and they will certainly appreciate your efforts to let them know they are in your thoughts 24-7.


4.Plan Date Nights

Yes, we said it! Date night can’t plan themselves so the sooner you plan one, the better for your romance life. Every couple want to spend more time with their partner, no exceptions except when they get on each other’s nerves and they try to avoid one another. Well, that a different situation but not one that a little romance can’t solve. If you value your partner and want to keep romance alive in your relationship, planning and executing date nights are a must. Not just dinner and a movie every third Friday of the month. That’s not what we are talking about. Anyone can take anyone to a restaurant to eat. There’s nothing creative about that. If you truly want your partner to be all over you and give you that love and attention you crave, you should do your part by creating moments that also show that you also care. Plan something unique and execute it so your partner knows do want them to be happy as well. And of course, if all fails, then go to the restaurant but make it someone with a different view and ambience and hopefully, somewhere filled with character so he or she knows you did put some time into researching the location. And don’t forget to make reservations before heading out there. Nothing as embarrassing as being turned away from perfect restaurant on your perfect date night.


5.Take A Class Together

Nothing beats taking a class together with your significant other. It could be a yoga class, swim class, dance class, art class, painting class, even a language class, whatever. What matters is that you’re both taking a class together and experiencing something new together. Learning something new at the same time is a great way to connect with someone as well as create a spark and a connection with that person. You could go the sports route and learn golfing together. Or maybe biking, spin, or tennis classes. Even going to a gym class together counts. It doesn’t really matter what you do together as long as one of you doesn’t absolutely hate the class, or worse, being in each other’s company during the class. Taking a class also give you something to talk about outside of your usual conversation which we know sometimes can become stale. So, take classes with your partner and learn something new together. You’ll be better off for it.


There are tons of ways to keep romance alive in our relationship and the key thing is to do it. Whatever way we can sneak in extra time with our partners will always be worth the peace and happiness we derive from having a health and loving relationship.