5 Telltale Signs for Improper Remove Hair

We all have to remove hair from our body in one form or the other in our lifetime. And we spend a lot of money doing that as well! Sometimes the process of hair removal is long and painful, sometimes it’s short and painful and sometimes we’d rather be pulling tooth than removing hair. Most of us have shaved and have been left with razor bumps, or waxed and been left with thinning hair and redness. All of this make hair removal annoying and sometime we want to avoid.

If your hair removal process is giving you pain and discomfort and possibly driving you up the wall, chances are that you are doing it wrong and need to make some changes. Here are 5 signs that you are not removing the hair on your body the proper way:

1.aving While Taking A Hot Bath

It makes sense to shave while taking a bath, right? Afterall your hair will be moist and ready to shave. But there is one fundamental problem with shaving while taking a hot bath. When you soak in the bath long enough, your skin pores dilate (swell up) and this causes the hair to become more difficult to see and hence harder to remove. If you want to soak in the shower, that’s fine as long as you don’t oversoak your skin before shaving.

2.Scrub skin First

If you want to remove the hair on your skin better, then scrub your skin first. Scrubbing your skin allows the skin to be exfoliated which means dead particles are removed and you can visualize the hair you’re planning on removing better. With dead skin removed, the entire length of the hair will be visible which make it easier to remove as well. You can use a store-bought scrub or make your own scrub. Once you scrub is ready, apply it to the area you want to remove hair from and then shave or use a warm wet cloth. The hair should come off easily. Don’t scrub you skin right before you shave as that could cause irritation. And after shaving or removing hair, follow up with a good moisturizer or lotion.


3.Removing Hair Incorrectly

Most people shave with razor, wax or even the process of sugaring. A razor can be used in different directions depending on the hair growth and location. However, other techniques like waxing and sugaring are not as forgiving and if you don’t do it the right way, you won’t get results. When you wax, you have to do it a certain direction. When you use the sugaring method, you have to do it the right was as well. For waxing, the general principle is to apply wax and then remove against the way the hair is growing. For sugaring, after applying the paste, remove in the same direction as the hair is growing.


4.Prepare Your Skin Before Shaving

Apart from scrubbing your skin a day in advance before you shave to make it easier to shavem also degrease the areas you want to shave with lotions and creams that contain alcohol. You can find professional lotions that are meant for this and when used with a cotton ball, you can clean out the patch of skin you wish to shave. By removing grease and cleaning up the area, you disinfect the area and reduce the chance of getting infected during the shave in case of a razor cut. Cleaning the area also reduces any chances of irritation. If you plan to use the sugaring method to remove hair, prepare the skin by rubbing some talc powder over the area before you start sugaring. The talc will help the hair stick to the sugar and make it easier to remove.


5.Shaving the right part of the body with the right shaving tool

Hair grows in different part of your body and the hair in different part of your body don’t always have the same texture. The hair on your hair doesn’t have the same texture as the hair on your armpit. There are many ways to remove hair so if you imagine all hair grow differently, then you can imagine you’ll need to shave each hair type with a different tool or product to avoid irritation. Before you shave a large portion of your body, do a patch test of the product or tool you want to shave with to make sure you have no allergies before beginning to shave a wide surface area.