12 Things to Do to Maintain Your Sanity

Everyone has lost it once in a while and it’s perfectly okay to. It’s not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of being human. However, experts advise that when you feel yourself get too tensed up or too irritated to function, you should do the following to maintain your sanity.


1.Take A Break

Yes, take a simple break and walk away from it all. Just get up from where you are and change scenery even for just a few minutes. That will do a lot of wonder for your mental health. A little break and change from what is around you can really make you feel better.


2.Take A Walk

Taking a walk has always been a great way to make sure you’re keeping sane. Find a scenic path next to you and escape in your mind by taking a walk along this path. If you want add some music or simply just pay attention to your natural surroundings to calm you down.


3.Play Some Music

Music has been shown time over time to be calming and soothing to the human mind. If you’ve had a long day and just can’t do it anymore, try to listen to music and take that break to play a favorite song. And when possible, even sing alone to make yourself feel better.


4.Dance Along

Yes, apart for playing a song and singing alone, you can also dance along to the song to soothe yourself. Experts say that dancing is not only therapeutic and healthy, it can also soothe your mind and help you to relax since the good hormone are released when you dance.


5.Do Some Exercise

Whether it’s dancing, walking, running, biking – whatever it is, find something that makes you happy and do it. Exercise not only keep you healthy but it also releases dopamine which is a hormone that makes you feel good and keep you sane.


6.Call A Trusted Friend

Sometime all we need is the calming and loving voice of someone we care about to get out us out of a funk. Picking up that phone and dialing a friend could literally save your day and bring a smile to your face. So, pick up that phone and call someone who makes you happy.


7.Talk to Family

Many of us will call a friend before some family member when we don’t want family to feel bad and hurt of us, but sometimes, it’s best to talk with family first because they most often want the best for you and tell you exactly what you need to hear. Talk to someone close to you and tell them how you feel.


8.Take A Vacation

You knew this was coming. There is no better way to get out of a slump or to keep sane than going to somewhere new. So, book that flight to somewhere you’ve never been or maybe somewhere you love to go to and go explore the world. Don’t come back till you feel grounded.


9.Go Shopping

Most people say to avoid shopping when you’re emotional as you’ll end up with stuff you don’t need. We agree to an extent but we say you can go window shopping at least and maybe leave most of the contents of your wallet at home so you don’t overspend. A little shopping can pick us up sometimes.


10.Go to Sleep

Sometimes all we need is a good nap to help us out of a funk. So, if you’ve done all the above or just need to do something different, simply turn the lights off and climb into your bed and call it a day, or night, or whatever. You will wake up feeling refreshed. And if you want to make it better, drink some warm tea to calm down and then climb under those blankets for bliss.


11.Watch Some TV

Sometimes, all you need is some mindless distraction so turn on the TV and find something funny to watch and before you know it, you’ll be ready to move on to the happy phase of your life. TV shows can be distracting, entertaining, and calming. Just find one you’d enjoy and watch away. Just avoid stressful things like the news or politics that can get you upset.


12.Take A Drive

And no, you don’t have to drive to anywhere. Simply taking your car for a spin is all that matters. Just get in the car and start driving to nowhere. If you have scenic routes that you’ve always wanted to explore then this will be the time to find that road that is simply gorgeous and drive on it. Stop a few times simply to enjoy nature or maybe take a selfie or two. By the time you return home, you’ll be saner.