10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Even though most people have a ton of clothes, shoes, and accessories, we tend to wear the same thing over and over again out of comfort and functionality. These pieces of clothing we wear often are considered the basics of our wardrobe and with them, we can dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion. Here are ten wardrobe essentials every woman should own:

1.Short Black Cocktail Dress

Whether you’re going to a party, attending a conference, going to a work event, or meeting up with folks in a bar afterwards, a black cocktail dress that hovers around the knee is your catch-all dress. You can dress it up with jewelry for a nice cocktail or dinner event. Or dress it down with little or no accessories for a casual date or drink at a bar after work. This wardrobe essential will quickly become your go-to-outfit. And if you don’t like black, get a cocktail dress in the color of your dreams. It’s all the same principle as long as the color is versatile enough to blend in anywhere you go.


2.Color Pop dress

We agree that black dresses can be boring which is really why they work as a wardrobe essential. But we also think that a little color here and there won’t hurt! Get a dress that has one or more colors for those days when you feel like being a little flirty but still want to be serious. A color pop dress will work for work, lunch, or just a fun party in town. Find a color that suits your complexion and pair this dress up with the right shoe or accessories for a dramatic effect.


3.A Few Dozen Scarfs

Yes! We did say it. A few dozen scarfs of different textures, fabrics, and colors can easily add color and style to any outfit you wear. Accessorizing your dress with the right scarf means that you can play it up or play it down depending on where you’re heading. You can also start the day with a neutral scarf for a work outfit, then change to sometime more colorful for a lunch date, and something with a little simmer for a dinner date. Scarfs are pretty inexpensive so go ahead and collect a few for your wardrobe. They’ll make a statement about your style and help you expand your wardrobe options.


4.Black Hot Pumps

Not just your regular black pumps even though we think those are wardrobe essentials too! We’re talking about black pumps that make heads turn and pop. If you like to wear heels, you can certainly go for something that can comfortably add a few inches to your height. And if you’re not someone who likes or feels comfortable in high heels, you can certainly get pumps that still look great without the added heights. The most important thing is that your pumps lift you up in both body and spirit!

5.Dazzle Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but of course, not all girls like diamond. So what do we mean by dazzle jewelry? Find that one jewelry that makes you feel special and wear this when you need to be uplifted. The right jewelry can turn your basic cocktail dress into an amazing party outfit, or turn your color pop dress into something spectacular. Or even turn your jeans and white shirt into an interesting outfit. Find a jewelry you love and make it yours.

6.Black Pants

If you don’t love pants, you can certainly skip this section, but before you do, we think that a pair of well-fitting black pants should be in your wardrobe for emergencies. Black pants dressed up with great tops can make amazing outfits for work, lunch, dinner, or even just hanging out with that special someone. So, invest in a pair of great black pants that fit right and occasionally, wear them out and rock our style!

7.Basic Flats

Just as we think you should have black pumps that flatter you, we also think you should have basic black flat shoes that allow you to walk in comfort. Face it, we all know that most high heel shoes are not comfortable and if we could switch to black flats, we would just for the comfort it provides. Owning a pair of basic flats means that you can still look cute when you don’t want to wear high heels. You can certainly be fashionable and comfortable in your basic black flats. And of course, basic flat shoe are the perfect shoes to change into when your black fancy heels start hurting!

8.Comfy Sweatpants

If it were possible to wear sweatpants everywhere, most of us would wear them to everywhere including work, dinner, meeting with friends, going to the bar, or just about everywhere. Why? Because sweat pants are just so comfortable! Every woman needs to own pair or more soft, breathable sweatpants that contour to her shape. And sweatshirts of course! So, if you’re wondering what you should have in your wardrobe, make sure you have comfy sweatshirts and sweat pants for those days when you want to be nothing but comfortable in your attire.

9.Trendy Jacket

You probably already own and wear a trendy jacket here and then. This could be a light spring jacket, a thicker winter jacket, a part of a suit pants, or anything that you can wear atop the rest of our outfits to show your style. A trendy jacket is one with modern style, colors, and fabric and one you feel good wearing. So, if you don’t own a jacket that makes you feel on top of the world, then this is the time to do so!

10.Jeans that Flatter

It goes without saying that every woman should own a pair of jeans that curve with their body and flatter every bit of them. A good pair of jeans is a go-to outfit for a quick dash into town, or a visit with friends, or a dress-down day at work. With the right top, it can function well for picnics, parties, and dates. Once you find the pair that works, make sure to note the brand as they most likely make other styles of jeans meant for your type of body. Maybe even get a few more of the jeans in other colors. And if you’re like most of us, you probably own a million jeans but yet only wear one or two pairs. That few you wear are the jeans that flatter you most that should be part of your wardrobe essentials.


We own so many clothing but yet find it hard find what to wear when we have to go somewhere. By having these wardrobe essentials in your closet, you’re bound to never run out of what to wear and you’ll always be fashionable though we can’t guarantee you’ll never have a bad dress day!