10 Signs Your Cat May Be Ready To Cross The Rainbow Bridge.

If your cat is very old or facing a serious illness, you may be wondering how you will know when it is time to say goodbye. Dr. Alice Villalobos, a veterinary oncologist, created the Feline Quality of Life Scale to help caregivers determine when it is time to make an end of life decision.

As difficult as it is to say goodbye, no one wants to see their beloved companion suffer.

Having one or two of the following signs does not necessarily indicate your cat’s time is approaching, but you should consider speaking with your vet about a peaceful end of life plan if multiple symptoms are present.


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Aging is one of the most common symptoms for causing death. And every living thing has to pass through this stage. Same in the case of cats as they start getting older they develop many diseases. And even after treatment if she does not come back to normal life. Then it is the high time to give up on your pet.

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